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Whilst the London Plan would expect a site of this size to consist of up to 60 residential units, we are proposing 45 units, in order to respect neighbouring site lines and to provide a sensible level of massing on site.

68 parking spaces are being proposed, along with the potential provision of a car club. This allocation exceeds Barnet London Borough Council’s policy standards, with our proposals providing ample parking and subsequently ensuring that traffic is contained within the site.

The application seeks to retain all the trees along the site boundary.

The site is currently vacant, however Harrison Varma Ltd. are eager to find a ‘meanwhile use’ for the site that will benefit the local community. As such, should you have a suggestion for a ‘meanwhile use’, then please do get in touch with the project team via the details provided in the ‘Contact’ section.

The project team intends to submit a planning application to Barnet London Borough Council in the coming weeks. There will then be a 12-16 week period until the Council makes its decision. As such, there will be at least 8 months until construction commences on site.

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